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    The return of history
    (Centro Universitário Barão de Mauá, 2022-11) Felipe Ziotti Narita ; Jeremiah Morelock
    The outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine is a disruption that synthesizes multiple shifts in contemporary society. From geopolitical realignment to the massive use of social media to spread news, propaganda, and disinformation, the war manifests forces of conservatism and nationalism amidst the liberal international system built in the early 1990s. If globalization has been weakened in the wake of the financial crisis, the specter of international terrorism, the rise of authoritarian populism, and COVID-19, the war expresses the persistence of power politics and ideology and the return of history. This book gathers scholars from different countries (Brazil, United States, England, Vietnam, Australia and Singapore) devoted to analyze the meaning and ideological prospects of contemporary society through the prism of the war. ISBN 978-65-997843-1-6. DOI 10.56344/lv2